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KNOW YOURSELF DEEPLY and UNLOCK YOUR FULLEST POTENTIALWhen I received my Soul Map reading I was blown away by the richness of information it contained.
It’s like having a manual on what your fullest potential is and what you need to work on in order to get there. NO NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT MYSELF!
This is why I decided to get certified and bring to you this powerful modality and sacred knowledge.The Soul Map reading is done only once; no need to repeat it. What you can repeat every year, though, is your year’s reading so that you know what areas you need to focus on for your growth, what to avoid and what lessons you will receive in the coming year.With your map, you will have a sense of greater awareness of yourself, a deep understanding of how your life has unfolded and continues to unfold, let alone those aha moments of “My whole life makes so much sense now!!!”Your soul is calling you! It’s time to listen and receive your blessings! Ask for your Personal Map NOW and receive your personal guide for your life. Understand your life through a powerful lens and unlock your full potential for the future!The Soul Map includes the following categories:1. Your character (the plus and minus you vibrate at) and your personal, social and spiritual calling of your soul
2. Your inner power (your soul’s drive); the source of your happiness. You will also know what gifts you can receive from the Universe when you follow your inner power
3. Your three core talents including your Divine one
4. How you can earn money, what blocks money and which professions will be suitable for you (important for adults and parents alike)
5. Your karma and how it affects you in this life
6. Your health and trends for diseases and how to keep them dormant
7. Ancestral Karma and how it can block you. If you work it, then your mother's line and your father's line will gift you with two more talents (one each)
8. Your year’s map and where you need to focus to succeed
9. What lessons you learn from your kids and what they learn from you
10. What lessons you learn from your parents and what they learn from you
11. What lessons you are learning from your love partners, what can destroy the relationship and who your ideal partner is.
12. Love Soul Map: between couples, colleagues, co-workers, partners and employer-employee.
All readings are delivered in writing.
Choose any of the packages below:Package 1 - Analysis of one of the categories 1-11*
Package 2 - Choose 7 categories from 1-11*
Package 3 - Choose 9 categories from 1-11*
Package 4 - Love Soul map analysis (couples, partners, professional relationships)*
Package 5 - All categories*
*If you choose to have a one-hour zoom call for further guidance, consider 30 euros more to the original price

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